‘Some would believe that dune buggies were purely a product of the 1960s, but this book proves otherwise. Following on from the previous volume, this one covers the mid 1970s on, when buggies underwent a major revival of interest that continued into the next decade. Heavily nostalgic pictures show the evolution from Volkswagen based fun machine to purpose-built road cars. Also included are one-off customised buggies used in film and television work. A worthy companion to the first volume this is informative, fun and great value for money’. Classics Monthly 



“Our second book release this month is the much-anticipated hardback, acting as the next instalment in the Dune Buggy story. Dune Buggy Phenomenon Book2, by James Hale, exposes never before seen photographs and explores Buggy brands from across the globe as we continue to learn more about why the Beach Buggy puts the F in fun-factor”. Volksworld


“After their initial advent in the ’60s, Dune Buggies continued to grow in popularity – and many models evolved. In the 1970s they were a worldwide phenomenon. This book, a follow-up to the hugely successful first volume, documents – in words and stunning archive photos – the development of the Buggy into the 1980s. It also features reproductions of product advertising using Buggies, promotional material and Buggy ephemera”. Ultra VW


‘Focusing on some of the lesser-known dune buggy makes, volume 2 is just as colourful and weirdly fascinating as the first. Definitely groovy, baby’. Octane






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