By James Hale

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‘Here is one for the Buggy enthusiast. James Hale has yet again produced another great little book. Entitled The Dune Buggy Phenomenon, this book is the first of its kind to give us the full story of the Buggy. There is a mix of 150 photos in black/white and colour, many of which have never been published before and some are fantastic. The 96 pages describe where the first Buggy originated from, the years that the buggy came to prominence during the 1960s and ‘70s and also includes racing and off-road’. Volksworld


 ‘The Dune Buggy Phenomenon by James Hale is a wonderful piece of nostalgia which details the rise of the Beach buggy. The book takes you back to the heyday of the Beach Buggy, with its birth in the Sixties at the hands of the founder of the EMPI brand, Joe Vittone. With the use of numerous colour images, Hale plots the development of the Beach buggy, including all the well-known people and brands associated with the movement. Names such as Bruce Meyers, Dean Jeffries and George Barris all get a mention, as do the Berry Mini-T Buggies, and the UK’s own Manta Ray, GP Beach Buggy and Volksrod outfits.

As well as plotting the history of the Beach Buggy, the book also looks at the competitive scene which evolved around the Buggy and the way the car was portrayed in the media – it appeared on the front cover of just about every motoring publication available in that era. If nostalgia is your thing, and you still have a soft spot for the Beach Buggy, then this book is well worth adding to your collection, thanks to the reproduction of some rare and unseen images, as well as interesting and informative text’. Street Machine & American Car World  


‘Arch Buggy enthusiast, James Hale, has just released this fascinating book on the history of the Beach Buggy. Called The Dune Buggy Phenomenon and published by Veloce, it takes a light-hearted but detailed look at the growth of the Buggy scene throughout the 1960s and ‘70s. It’s illustrated with dozens of amazing period photographs and adverts – and there are also chapters devoted to Buggies in motorsport and another on Buggies on the silver screen. This book is a must for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning, a Volkswagen-base Buggy and comes highly recommended’. Ultra VW


‘With the current wave of nostalgia for all things from the Sixties and Seventies, it seems very timely for Veloce to have brought out The Dune Buggy Phenomenon by James Hale. The 96-page hardback features a whole host of interesting colour pictures and really helps capture the fun of the era. …You’ll love this book’. VW Motoring


 ‘If you’ve got a soft-spot for dune buggies based on VW Beetle chassis, then check out this book. Written by VW nut, James Hale, The Dune Buggy Phenomenon is packed full of info about all the kits that were available, with loads of cool period photos. Good value..’ Retro Car


 ‘Although Dune or Beach Buggies were more popular in the US, mainly due to the better weather, each summer plenty of these mad VW-based cars hit the sea-side towns, This book showcases some wonderful period photos of buggies both here and in the US. Including some stills from films such as the Thomas Crown Affair. It’s a lovely coffee-table book’. Classics


‘The net result of reading this super little hardback is the urge to don flares and storm Camber Sands in a gold metalflake Bugle. A follow-up to the exhaustive Dune Buggy Handbook, it runs to 96 pages bit is full of everything from the emergence of the movement to buggies in popular culture. Learn that Sears sold these fun cars via mail order and that Anita Harris drove a metallic green Kustom named Nittybug. And there are some fantastic images: Alex Dearborn improbably chasing a McLaren M6 in his Deserter during an SCCA regional in New Hampshire, nuns driving a Rusks Super Buggy for a brochure shot, plus McQueen and Dunaway churning up the sand at Cape Cod during the filming of The Thomas Crown Affair. A cracking effort….’ Classic & Sports Car




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