By James Hale

" I descended upon James Hale's new book, "the Dune Buggy Files", with eager glee - as has everyone else who passed my desk. It's a great insight into the past, present and future of the sand - kicking four - wheeled phenomenon."

Nat Barnes, Daily Express.



Reviews for ‘The Dune Buggy Files’


‘Like Spangles and Brotherhood of Man, I know that there are certain items from the Seventies that should remain firmly in the history books, but I have a real weakness for dune buggies. Maybe it’s a liking for the original Thomas Crown Affair but, despite their rather naff kit-car image, I descended upon James Hale’s new book ‘The Dune Buggy Files’ with eager glee – as has everyone else who has passed my desk.  It’s a great insight into the past, present and future of the sand-kicking four-wheeled phenomenon’. Nat Barnes, Daily Express. 


‘Dune Buggies have been around for over four decades and, in his new book, James Hale offers you the opportunity to relive their colourful history and take a glimpse at what the future may hold for these unique vehicles. The book contains superb period photographs, many never seen before, as well as photos of the best Buggies on the scene today from the USA, UK and Europe, and concept illustrations of mainstream manufacturer Buggy designs. This is a rare chance to see how major vehicle manufacturers view the Buggy concept and is a must for any Buggy fan.’ Volksworld


‘This book is without a doubt one of James’s best yet, and features many unique and exclusive pictures from the past through to the present – and even the concept and dream cars of the future!’ Ultra VW


‘Nobody likes the feel of sand between their toes, which is possibly why dune buggies are still so popular. If bug-eyed sand surfers are your kind of thing, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a new book available all about them. Called ‘The Dune Buggy Files’ and written by James Hale, it covers the history of the fibreglass Dune Buggy, starting with their origins in the’20’s US through to the fibreglass Meyers Manx introduced in the’60’s. The ‘70’s customisation trend is covered as is the dune buggy’s ‘80’s revival, and there’s a good look at the current crop of bug-eyed beach combers and suitably wacky future prototypes’. Retro Cars


‘Another well produced book, this one on beach/dune buggies – let’s face it, if you like the topic you’ll be interested in this book. Author James Hale certainly knows his stuff. He’s been writing about buggies for many years and, I should imagine, knows more about them than anyone else in Britain – and probably further afield. He’s also been heavily involved in manufacturing them via his GT Mouldings company.

Amongst this book’s 112 pages are loads of terrific colour photographs which do a fine job of capturing the cars’ outrageous looks, fun characters and serious intentions: But apart from the visual treat, there’s plenty of interesting text. Covering past, present and future, there are only three chapters but they’re well written and informative. Particularly fascinating is the look into the buggy’s future, which illustrates how involved many mass-production car companies have become with these extrovert fun machines. There’s the Ford Splash, Peugeot Touareg, Ford EX, Peugeot Hoggar, and Volkswagen Concept T, all pretty desirable in their different ways.

It’s quite simple: If you’re into buggies, buy this book. It’s a goodie’. Which Kit Car



‘Contrary to popular belief the beach buggy didn’t die out in the 1970s – indeed modern versions are still being built today.  This book comprehensively covers buggy history, including some great archive pictures from VW and Fiat. And it’s good to see so many of the cars are photographed in the UK. Of particular note is the final chapter on future buggy design. Lots of colour, informative text and great subject matter.  Just be careful you might find yourself out in the driveway cutting up a Beetle before you know it!’ Classics Monthly. 


‘James Hale is a devoted buggy enthusiast and leading authority on the subject and has already produced The Dune Buggy Handbook, and The Dune Buggy Phenomenon, so you might well ask what else there is to write about these cars? Well, this latest book contains many previously unpublished photographs and never-before-seen concept illustrations from US, British and European manufacturers. It also features a superb collection of period photographs, many of which were taken in the summer of love era that so many people associate these cars with. However, there are plenty of contemporary pictures, depicting the modern offerings of today’s buggy manufacturers.

This book provides an excellent overview of all the different types of buggy available to today’s driving enthusiast looking for a simple, low cost vehicle like no other. There has been such a bewildering assortment of versions that it has become difficult for the unfamiliar to know exactly what kind of kit they are looking at, but they are all included here, from the fantastically named Bushwhacker to the highly desirable EMPI Imp.  In fact, we would say this latest offering is essential reading for anyone considering buying one of these fun cars or thinking of building one of their own. At 112 pages and with 165 colour images, this is a well-written, informative and good-looking book that would make a great addition to the bookshelf of any Volkswagen or kit-car enthusiast’. Classic Car Weekly.  



‘Hale has uncovered more on dune buggies here than you’d ever have believed possible. Largely in colour, there are cars from around the globe – and even from the future’. Classiccars


‘If you’ve ever fancied a beach buggy but were too shy to talk about it, this book is the answer. It’s full of great pictures from the beard-and-flares heyday of the Volkswagen-based buggies, but it also covers their origins in sand racing and development into modern kits and even concept cars. The variety of buggies and colour schemes is dazzling…you’ll end up longing for a beach, a buggy and a couple of babes to keep you company. Great stuff’. Practical Classics. 


‘The worldwide Dune Buggy movement is thriving, and author James Hale is the authority on these fun little cars. Covering 40 years of funky Dune Buggies, the book features glorious colour photos and posters of characters including Jimi Hendrix looking his happiest in his buggy!’ Motoring & Leisure



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