‘What is a marketingmobile? Simply a vehicle designed and built for promotional purposes. Rather than just paint a picture or logo on a van some firms prefer to build a giant beer bottle or a lobster on wheels. This book covers everything from Mini-based Outspan oranges to Cadbury eggs and Duckhams Oil cans. Many of these vehicles originated in America but there were a large number based on British Vehicles and used in the UK’. Classics Monthly


‘Marketing men have been dressing cars up to look like their products since the early 20th century. This cheerful softback is packed with pics of the most bizarre; needless to say, the US figures large…..’ Octane


‘Motoring writer, James Hale, provides an entertaining and informative insight into the world of unusual and obscure promotional vehicles from around the globe in his latest book, published recently by Veloce….The book, which was inspired by a visit to the National Motor Museum in the 1970s, is the first to cover the history and development of this specialist form of automotive advertising’. Salisbury Journal  


‘Think you’ve seen it all? Well, you’d be wrong! From motorised lobsters to eggs, beer bottles, wieners (sausages) and a high-heeled shoe, the marketing man’s imagination has shown no limitations when it comes to marketing mobiles. The intriguing variety of vehicles is featured in a new book, the Wonderful Wacky World of Marketing Mobiles – Promotional Vehicles of the World, written by motoring author James Hale. There are more than 50 amazing vehicles built since 1900, many of which have never before been published. It includes everything from the most effective marketing mobiles, to bizarre one-offs. It has many interesting facts from designers and builders and is a must for anyone who loves odd vehicles and automotive history’. Essex Echo



“The book provides an entertaining insight into a world populated by some of the most unusual, imaginative and colourful promotional vehicles. Lavishly illustrated with colour and black-and-white photographs of crazy cars, vivid vans and tippy trucks spanning a century, this collection of oddball vehicles is guaranteed to raise a smile”. Motoring & Leisure


“This book celebrates the oddball world of the advertising vehicle…the pictures, many previously unpublished, will fascinate those who appreciate that the more eccentric a vehicle is, the more interesting it actually is”. Classic Car Weekly


“The book has opened my eyes to a number of creative cars, including a Worthingtons Beer bottle-shaped van, a giant hot dog, and even a guitar, complete with amps and sound system – all road legal and drivable!” Melissa Terry, The Salisbury Journal


‘Promotion Prospects

Latest in Veloce’s photo book series is Marketing Mobiles in which James Hale selects a comprehensive set of wacky vehicles. Outspan Mini, Wienermobile and Worthington’s Daimler bottle vans are all here, along with lesser-known ad cars. Highlight of this 100-pager is the 1918 Rowney pencil Mercedes and the Chrysler Zippo. Great fun at £12.99.’ Classic & Sports Car



By James Hale

Published by Veloce Publishing





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