By James Hale


First book devoted to modifying VW Bus suspension, brakes and chassis for high performance, ideal for owners wanting to uprate handling.

Suitable for practical enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

All information based on the practical expertise of specialist VW mechanics and tuning shops.

Includes a guide to VW Bus chassis numbers, and gearbox references.

Covers all T1 and T2 buses, vans, campers & pick-ups 1950-79, and much applies to T3 models 1979-82.

Over 250 photographs, mainly in colour

Contents: Workshop procedures, safety & tools; VW Bus chassis, suspension & brake design; Front suspension & brakes; Rear suspension & brakes; Chassis & air suspension system; Suppliers & clubs; Chassis numbers & model designations; Glossary of terms; Index.


Specification: Softback, 250 x 207mm (portrait)

 128 pages; 250 colour & black & white photographs/illustrations.      

ISBN 1-903706-14-9

UPC 36847-00214-5  



‘James Hale aims to demystify many of the techniques utilised in modifying VW Buses, but specifically focuses on the suspension, brakes and chassis while avoiding body and engine mods…with well labelled colour photography and concise thoughtfully laid out text throughout, the numerous modifications covered are always explained clearly, no matter how complex they may be….an interesting and informative title’  - Classic Car Weekly.


‘This book’s full of ways to slam/raise suspension and fit bigger wheels.  Definitely one for the cruisers and customisers….the suspension and brakes detail is great’ -Practical Classics



‘As we expected (having read the Bug version), the book is very well detailed and goes into various modifications such as lowering, brake upgrades and conversions, and even fitting alternative wheels, etc.  If you’re thinking of lowering your Type 2, fitting Porsche brakes and generally making it handle like a sports car, this is the book for you!’   - Volksworld


‘Invaluable for anyone interested in modifying or generally improving the classic VW Camper….it covers basic workshop principles as well as details of suspension lowering, axle transplants and disc brake upgrades, gearbox and gearlever conversions, and air suspension systems’ –           Volkswagen Driver


‘VW’s famous Bus has a legion of fans, to whom this book will certainly appeal – particularly amongst the seeming majority who like to customise their VW….The techniques are well described and illustrated with plenty of good quality colour pictures and diagrams’ -  Classics


'Written by well respected VW journalist James Hale, this is the first book to be devoted to the VW Bus suspension, brakes and chassis for high performance.  Given the resurgence of interest in modified and performance engines, this is a must when up-rating the rest of the bus, and is pitched at both the enthusiast and semi-professional....What I liked was the way all the different methods and products for carrying out a job are explained in detail, with excellent colour photographs to ilustrate... Just browsing and dipping into the text is fun; I am not a technical person, nor do I have any plans to modify our bus, but I was drawn into the book and have spent several enjoyable hours absorbed in a technical book!  All in all, a very timely and welcome addition to the VW book scene and highly recommended'.  
 Volkswagen Camper & Commercial.   



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