By James Hale  



The complete practical guide to modifying the VW Beetle’s chassis, suspension and brakes for high performance.

Detailed coverage includes parts interchangeability, aftermarket components and Buggy chassis shortening.

Covers front & rear suspension, ‘chassis integrity’, suspension geometry, ride height, camber, castor, king pin inclination, shock absorbers and adjustment.


The design of the different Beetle suspension and braking systems, including cut-away illustrations.

Adapting Porsche braking components to the Beetle.


Lowering or raising the suspensions.

Appendix of US and UK suppliers.


Listing of all VW Beetle chassis numbers and transmission codes.


Contents: Chassis, suspension & brake design; Front suspension & brakes; Rear suspension & brakes; The chassis; Suppliers index; Appendix of Chassis numbers & transmission codes; Glossary of terms.


Specification: Softback. 250 x 207mm (portrait).  128 pages.  200 black & white photographs/illustrations.

ISBN: 1-901295-80-X

 UPC: 36847-00180-3  


Reviews for ‘How to modify Volkswagen Beetle suspension, brakes & chassis for high performance’:

The book to buy if you’re thinking of modifying your Beetle…this book will not only be extremely helpful, but also easy to understand.  James Hale has clearly done his homework….so if you want to fit Porsche brakes, or CSP discs, it’s all in here”.  Volksworld magazine.  

“We always said that James Hale was something of a VW guru – and now he’s written a book to prove it…The book tells you exactly what it says on the cover”.  Kit Car magazine (UK)

“The writing style is very instructive, never assuming too much knowledge yet never seeming patronising.  Indeed, everything from the basics, like the fitting of oil seals, to more complex operations such as cutting and welding the chassis, are covered in the same informative tone…an excellent new book”.  Which Kit? Magazine.

“This is the first official reference book devoted solely to these important aspects of the Beetle, and has been specifically written to appeal to enthusiasts across the board, be they experienced mechanics or willing novices….we guarantee that you’ll use it time and time again!”  
Total VW magazine.

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